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a cup of Love.

start your day with


uncompromised passion.

Incredible Quality.

3 friends with unique backgrounds, varying ages, and different levels of experience within the LGBT+ community all have one thing in common, they want to help said community.


They set out to provide a safe place for people to be themselves and not worry about judgement. Whether you're an artist or a zoologist, we are here for you!


With 10% of the profits from every bag going to the Trevor Project or 20% on year subscriptions and another 10% going towards various other groups and charities, we can't wait to make the world a more enjoyable place for the fabulous people we have in our lives and hope to meet in the future. 

What you can expect from us is transparency, community, support, and an unwaivering passion for the incredible life-giving nectar known as coffee.


 "Love" is not just a word for us, it's how we feel towards you- all of you!  

Owner & Co-Founder


There was a place on the Ocean City boardwalk called the Pavilion that was like a second home to me growing up. Even though it was 16 pillars and a roof somehow it was the most welcoming place in the world. It didn't matter what color, shape, size, gender, sexual preference you were part of the group the only thing that people wanted from you was for you to be yourself. I grew up with family members and friends of family that I had heard rumors about, but nothing was ever confirmed, and I remember thinking why did it matter? So, when I found the Pavilion, I knew that safe places were a real thing, But I didn't understand why the world wasn't the safe space. I want to offer the world a safe space like the one I had growing up.

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Co-Founder &
Head Of Events


 Growing up in the late 80s through 90s, I am not sure if my family was just super progressive or if in my area it really wasn’t a big deal. I had a lot of “aunts” and “uncles” who were in the LGBTIQA+ community and not “hidden” about it. It wasn’t until I moved to Southern NJ that I began having friends who got kicked out/disowned by their families. Once I was more settled and could do so, I began having those friends over for holidays and made sure they had a table to sit at on Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.  When my youngest was 2 we started seeing signs that they were not their assumed gender at birth. We allowed them to just BE. At 9 they made us aware that they were a girl which we embraced. Then later (teens) that they are primarily female but felt a bit more fluid.  We attend different Pride events throughout the year and (until COVID) attended the Philadelphia Trans-Health Convention each year.

Empress of the Art Department and P.I.R.A


Growing up in Atlantic County, Chelsea Lynn, grew up drawing and playing sports for as long as she can remember. Coming out at 13, she was surrounded with nothing short of love from love.  In high school she attended ChARTer TECH High School for the Performing arts as a vocal major. In college she received her Certificate In Fine Arts from ACCC. She then joined Jolie Beauty Academy winning 5 out of the 6 hair and makeup contests she entered. She now works for an art studio, Drips ART and Fashion in Absecon, and for a local custom Print company. Today at 5’3” she stands tall and proud to be a Queer woman with art being her true first love her second being caffeine. .


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